The Clippers and the 'Ruby Bridges' effect


Ruby Bridges is escorted to William Frantz Elementary by US Deputy Marshals in November 1960.

... Apparently some people felt a way about my post the other day about the Clippers. However, when we come from a tradition like this can you expect anything less? If a 6 year old can integrate her elementary school, why should we expect less from our million dollar athletes? 

"... but Tyree, what about Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Jessie Owens? Should they too have stopped playing/fighting because they were playing under racism? " No, because unlike the  Clippers, we knew distinctly why these men were playing and for what reasons. The Clippers never once said why they were other than for the Hard work they put in all season; NOT for being essentially being called N-words. It's sad state of affairs. 

My original post was in no way to disrespect the Clippers, but more so a challenge/ call to action.  I challenge these men, because my desire is to have myself held to the same standard.

We as Black men, cannot afford to cower at the remarks made by racists OR the traditions of protest that people like Robinson gave there lives for!

Why? Simply because It's far too expensive and detrimental to the generations that will succeed us. But hey, I'm sure Donald Sterling will pick up the tab, right?


The Clippers are Cowards...


20140429-010748.jpgQuestion: When is turning your shirt inside out a stand against bigotry/racism? Only in the NBA.

Simply put = cowardice.

True courage would have been sitting out and boycotting Sterlings racist comments, regardless of the consequences.

However, when the Clippers chose to participate, they made Sterling's statements ring even more true. "But, Tyree, they are under contract; they have to play". Correction, "NO they don't."

What the Clipper's have to do is to decide to to play another game; The game of choice is called:  COURAGE.

At some point in every man's life you have to ask yourself if your dignity is worth a paycheck, a trophy, a ring.

Last night, I lost respect for The Clippers and all of these African American men who've shown us that they are not athletes, but in fact workers on a financial plantation.

Really, Who wants a Championship for compromising?