The Clippers are Cowards...


20140429-010748.jpgQuestion: When is turning your shirt inside out a stand against bigotry/racism? Only in the NBA.

Simply put = cowardice.

True courage would have been sitting out and boycotting Sterlings racist comments, regardless of the consequences.

However, when the Clippers chose to participate, they made Sterling's statements ring even more true. "But, Tyree, they are under contract; they have to play". Correction, "NO they don't."

What the Clipper's have to do is to decide to to play another game; The game of choice is called:  COURAGE.

At some point in every man's life you have to ask yourself if your dignity is worth a paycheck, a trophy, a ring.

Last night, I lost respect for The Clippers and all of these African American men who've shown us that they are not athletes, but in fact workers on a financial plantation.

Really, Who wants a Championship for compromising?