Let's Make Reading Cool Again!


📚| ... So, you guys probably remember that reading list that I gave you a few weeks back? Well, guess who starting his own book club. The #DiasporaBookClub is a way for people to learn more about the literary contributions of African-American authors. The first book that were reading is the autobiography of Malcolm X sore to be a winner! If you want to join, let me know. Let's make reading cool again!!📚

Welcome to The Diaspora Book Club! 

The Diaspora Book Club is a new book club for young adults (18-35) to explore the literary contributions of African-American authors and to connect young people nationally/abroad - around the purpose of reading and growing.

I decided to create the Diaspora Book Club because of a need I saw within our generation. Firstly, a lack of positive African American role models in mainstream culture that resonate with youth outside of sports and entertainment. Secondly, the disinterest by my generation in reading and the unfamiliarity of it's transformative power. And lastly, my desire to inspire people and bring people together around literacy - even if they are from the other side of the world!

The books The Diaspora Book Club will investigate come from a wide range of genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and autobiography in Black Literature; From Maya Angelou to Assata Shakur, many of whom have received national awards for their writings. The selection of authors and books come from a literary list provided previously in another post.

The first book, we have decided to read is The Autobiography of Malcolm X  - which is sure to be a winner! Want to join? Pick up the book and join in the conversation. We are doing so via Twitter (using the Hashtag #DiasporaBC) to share our qoutes, thoughts, and  insights with every book we are reading. Exciting!