Dr- Asante

Temple Univ. AASD Imhotep: Graduate Student Journal

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This is very first copy of Temple Univ. African American Studies Department Imhotep Graduate Student Journal.

After being defunct for nearly a decade, the Imhotep Graduate Student Journal is officially alive and well.

This issue - appropriately entitled "Sankofa", or  The Return, - was meant to commemorate the contributions and spirit of  the existence of AASD Doctoral program at Temple for 25 years.

Revitalizing the journal was not a simple undertaking. After nearly two years of continuous editing of academic articles, identifying areas of improvement, and attending regular meetings with the Chair of the department; we were able to bring it to completion.

I'm so appreciative to have been able to be the lead editor. I'd like to send a big Thank You to Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin on the cover and Mikana Scott for her diligence and patience. As well as all the submissions. If interested in submitting or obtaining a physical copy, please feel free to email imhotep.temple@gmail.com.