Why I'm Not Here for Bill Clinton...


Today, Bill Clinton showed me who he really is.

At a rally in Philadelphia this afternoon, Bill Clinton had a heated argument with Black Lives Matter protestors about what he really thought about Black crime once-and-for-damn-all. Here's the video:

In the video, Bill Clinton makes 3 egregious mistakes:

  1. He justified his notorious ‘94 crime bill that was ultimately responsible for the Mass-Incarceration of Black men and women
  2. Attempted to vindicate his wife and her use of the phrase “Super Predators” and its application toward Black + Brown kids in urban areas (me included)
  3. Fallaciously tried to convince a liberal audience that Black Lives Matter protesters are actually responsible for America's failure of urban revitalization caused historically by policy  ( i.e. Slavery + Segregation + Redlining + G.I. bill), which gainfully contributed to areas where over-policing/police brutality/ high-crime tend to happen: Section 8 housing and ghettos

Ultimately, I've arrived to one conclusion:

The Clinton's don't care about Black people.

The Clintons, in my opinion, are just two southern-style politicians whose paternalism toward Black americans is far to egregious to ignore. Sista Souljah was right. From this point on, I'm over Bill Clinton. I'm not drinking the proverbial Democratic Kool-Aid they like to slang to Black people every four years. Bill Clinton sucks, and by affiliation, so does Hillary, too.