Temple Univ.|Graduation Day 2014


So the little guy from California did it!


Tyree A. Boyd- Pates received his Masters's in Africology from Temple University, PA.

... Running on maybe 5 hours of sleep due to excitement, I laid in my bed contemplating the milestone I was about to accomplish. Rushing into the shower, and  ironing my  garments, I was continuously interrupted by my Grandmother who wanted to get multiple pictures of me in my Regalia. Finally, after a sparse breakfast, Her and I rushed to the Anderson building in what felt like 100 degree weather under nearly 3 layers of clothing. After making several greetings with well wishers I arrived to Anderson Hall and it began to sink in. I actually did it!

After two years in a foreign Pennsylvania land full of cheesesteaks, hoagies, culture, and intellectual discussion, I officially have my Masters' of Arts in African American Studies from Temple University.

Temple University was a wonderful institution that not only stretched me, but grew me. Here I learned the significance of  personal reflection, communal responsibility, leadership, and the privilege of an education. Moreover, I learned my  responsibility  toward  scholarship, and how it becomes useless to those around me if it doesn't engage, shape, and reimagine their crucial questions about Life, Faith, Race, & their particpation within them .

Certainly, this was one of the most momentous occasions of my life, that proved to me that the impossible is actually possible.


I can't wait to see what next!